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EGS Energy Limited

How was EGS Energy formed?

“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…”

Following years of experience as part of and leading UK and the European research projects, Roy Baria nurtured a plan to return to Cornwall. His aim was to take the experience of the Rosemanowes project in the 1970s and 1980s and deploy it for a commercial geothermal scheme.

After meeting Guy Macpherson-Grant and putting together the plan for the Eden Geothermal development, EGS Energy was established by a small number of shareholders including Joerg Baumgaertner of BESTEC and Andy Jupe of Altcom, both involved today at Eden Geothermal.

EGS Energy is now a development and consultancy company with many years’ experience of and access to engineered geothermal system technology and know-how. With projects under way in Cornwall and consultancy work worldwide, EGS Energy is leading the development of deep geothermal energy resources in the UK on a commercial scale.

The company is owned by the people who work there and a close range of individuals; all are committed to ensuring EGS Energy gives all of its clients and partners the best possible support based on extensive past experience. It also means we can provide independent perspective and pull in the best of class in other companies to work with.

What does EGS Energy do in geothermal today?

EGS Energy is focused on extracting the energy located deep in the granite and other suitable rocks that are found in many areas throughout Europe, delivering it in the form of electricity and the heat itself. It is also interested in developing shallow geothermal schemes, including heat from flooded abandoned mine workings and other existing aquifer systems. EGS Energy brings together the leading European experts in the field of engineered geothermal systems, with over 100 years of geothermal experience between them.

We can work as part of the project team or lead one in carrying out the initial feasibility assessment all the way through to the successful production of heat and power. We are happy to act as the first port of call with any party looking to exploit their geothermal asset. EGS Energy is comfortable sharing the development risk and we have successfully raised funding on our projects from government and infrastructure investors.

We are significant equity shareholders in the development company Eden Geothermal Limited, through which we raised £17.3m from a mixture of public and private investment to drill the first well on the Eden Project site. All the civils works have been completed and drilling is expected to continue throughout the summer. The heat and power generated will benefit the Eden Project as well as the local business and residential community.

Drilling rig operating at the Eden Geothermal site in Cornwall
Drilling rig operating at the Eden Geothermal site in Cornwall

We are excited at how the UK geothermal market is opening up, but it is still a nascent industry in the UK and we are working with the government and regulators to help ensure the industry framework is supportive and appropriate to encourage more new projects. We are keen to be an active part of the clean energy revolution under the Government’s UK National Infrastructure Strategy.

Who makes up the team at EGS Energy Limited?

Guy Macpherson-Grant Director

Guy is a Director and founder shareholder of EGS Energy Limited and has been driving all the surface elements of the company’s business since its inception in 2008. Having qualified as a lawyer, Guy worked in a corporate law firm before completing his MBA with INSEAD and then working in venture capital, focused on the Cleantech sector.

Richard Day Director

Also a qualified lawyer, Richard worked with various law firms in the City before joining Cazenove & Co in Corporate Finance. He was then a founding partner at institutional stockbrokers Arden Partners plc and was head of Corporate Finance for most of his time there. Since he left, he has been involved with various companies and has a particular focus on Energy, Power and Renewables companies. As well as being a Director of EGS Energy. Richard sits on the board as Chairman of Eden Geothermal Limited, the SPV company which was formed to develop and operate the deep geothermal site at the Eden Project in Cornwall.

Roy Baria Technical Director

Roy is Technical Director and a founder shareholder of EGS Energy Limited. He was seconded from BGS to the Camborne School of Mines in 1980 and worked on the Hot Dry Rock Technology at the Rosemanowes quarry in conjunction with Los Alamo (USA) group until 1990. He was then seconded to the European Hot Dry Rock project (Soultz Project) as the UK input. Where three 5 km deep deviated wells were drilled in granite, with and heat/power was produced, demonstrating the success of this technology. Since then, Roy has been closely involved with a number of companies/governments across Europe, the USA, the Far East and Australia to help develop geothermal systems appropriate to their local conditions. Roy’s input to the development of geothermal world-wide was recognised by a “Special Achievement Award” linked to EGS Energy at the annual Geothermal Resources Council meeting in Reno, Nevada, USA at the end of 2018. This is internationally recognised as a highly prestigious award and is the only Brit to have received it.

Tony Bennett Operations Director

Tony is a Chartered Mining Engineer with a degree from Camborne School of Mines. Between 1980 and 1991 he worked as Technical Support Engineer at the Rosemanowes Geothermal Project. He joined EGS Energy in 2010 and is also Operations Director with Eden Geothermal Ltd. Tony has a particular interest in mine water geothermal developments and in his spare time he is part of a small team that is restoring the underground workings of an abandoned tin mine as a heritage project.

Why EGS Energy Limited supports the SGA

Cornwall has the geology to support deep geothermal energy generation with it core of Granite running down its spine. But there are also shallower opportunities to exploit across the whole South West. The asset owner can be faced with a wide choice of geothermal opportunities, and EGS Energy can provide a discrete and informed adviser and partner in making the right decisions.

On a wider basis, we are part of the EGS Global Group, which is an international alliance of relationships across the unconventional geothermal spectrum, from developers to industry players. The SGA is an excellent group of informed, experienced industry experts closer to home, and we are delighted to be a part of it.

Find out more about EGS Energy here:

More information on our deep geothermal development on the Eden site in Cornwall can be found here:

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